Happy 2 Years | Efficient Media

Well well, we have certainly lived up to our name and grow our business efficiently! You heard it. Simply and efficiently.

We celebrate our two year anniversary this November. From humble beginnings to a rapidly growing team and a new office move in the works, I’m as efficiently proud as I can be. Proud because of the hard work that our key guy, Timothy Paris, has taken it to this height.

In 2016, I took a bit of a backseat with working “in” the business to grow my ministry. I’ve had to juggle much to work “on” the business instead of “in”. With this adjustment, Tim and I have had to find even more efficient ways of growing. Truth be told, it’s not easy. It requires shrewdness and discipline.

From a heavily SEM focussed agency, we have grown to extend our services into more holistic digital solutions, providing our clients with strategic input and executing on action plans in areas such a Social media, Display buys and web development.

We are planning our 2 year birthday party and tying this in with our new office opening, not to mention a welcoming party to a few more new staff to help us expand and grow. So stay tuned!

They say that most small businesses fail within 2 years. I have certainly experienced that first hand myself, too. With Efficient Media celebrating it’s 2nd birthday, I am not only proud of our stable foundations but excited about bringing Efficient Media to new heights!

None of this would have been possible without the support and understanding of our loving spouses and our awesome clients. Thank you all for all of your support, business and awesomeness!

To another year of success! 2017, bring it on !

For those who follow my journey, I’d love to hear from you if you need any help with digital branding, marketing…digital everything!

From your efficiently trusted partners at: www.efficientmedia.com.au


Google Adwords Certified

I remember doing this for the first time literally 10 years ago when I was the 15th person in the whole of Australia to take this test, including Employees [as confirmed by a Google employee back then, although I won’t say who. :)]

I cannot believe that 10 years on, I’m still on this journey.  Loving every bit of it…  I have to admit that if Search Engine Marketing didn’t exist, my career wouldn’t have.  So, whether the Adwords Certification is directly required for the remits of my role (frankly, not…), it does bring back fond memories of my career journey.  I do it because I love it!

Until next time…:)

For more information on how our PASSIONATE team at Efficient Media can help you and your business, find out more here.

Google Adwords Certification

Don’t Be the Social and Search Homewrecker | Efficient Media

Thank you Marin for co-hosting this event with Facebook and inviting us to a fun afternoon.  I LOVE WORKING IN DIGITAL. DO YOU?

 There is a reason why I simply cannot part from this digital world, even if I have tried in the past.  Fun, parties and cool offices aside, it is the fascination and fluid nature of it that I love most. It is ever-changing.


So, what did we learn today? I few stats I want to share here with business owners or marketers:

  1. By running search and social ads together through the same ad platform, such as Marin, revenue per conversion increases by 68%.  (Source: Marin Software: The Multiplier Effect of Integrating Search & Social Advertising study)
  2. Revenue per click increases by 26%. (Source: Marin Software: The Multiplier Effect of Integrating Search & Social Advertising study)
  3. Marketers that run social and search together experience higher Facebook ad  click through rates.(Source: Marin Software’s The Performance Marketer’s Retargeting Guide, October 2014)


Search and Social are now a married couple.  And they LOVE to be happily married.  Please don’t separate them.  They are no longer good when working  in silos.  So, a few tips:

  1. Make the step change and decision to have a combined ‘social and search’ strategy, which entails integrated strategy planning, execution, measurement and analysis of the two TOGETHER.
  2. For small businesses, get one agency to manage the both. For whatever reason you want separate agencies to work collectively and share synergies with one another, the truth is that THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN.    You can try but I suspect the success rate is very low!  My experience working on the client side is that you end up doing the data crunching and analysis in-house.  Larger corporates are a different story. They can afford the manpower to have them operate as silos and frankly, to get through the politics of managing the two together can so painful it’s not worth the “integration” fight or it continues to be an “integration” fight.    However, if you’re a small business, the ONE agency rule applies.  Don’t be the cause of divorce between the social and search marketing.
  3. It’s no secret that Google has made social and SEO an inseparable couple, ranking organic listings based on relevant content and a whole load of social signal factors (e.g. reviews, social referrals etc).  This has come a long way since days of just ‘keyword optimisation’ , ‘robot. txt file’ or the more mature ‘site architecture’ if you would.  So, knowing what makes for a good social execution will impact your website ranking on Google.  Better be present on those social platforms that your customers are mingling around and talking about your business/brand.
  4. Organic social or paid social?  BOTH.  By using technology (e.g. Marin) and engaging in good data mining, you will reap the benefits of social and search advertising synergies.  You can more effectively re-target your social ads to those who have shown interest through their search keywords.  See stats above.

It can get complex and complicated but far too often, we see that just focussing on ONE key win will see positive impacts on the numbers that really matter for your business. That’s what we’re about at Efficient Media. It’s not the grand plan that takes YEARS to get implemented.  It’s about identifying quick wins that are affordable for businesses to see results, whether this is bringing back key wins to the CMO/CEO or for your bakery store, that’s what we pride ourselves in.

We like to use English in our communications, not the jargon that you have to learn.  Talk to us.  Contact us here or call +612 8007 5774.

It’s true…There is a way to see your SEO keywords | Advertising tips for small businesses

Here’s a little update after attending our Google Partner Event.

Since working with Google 10 years ago, I have seen this company go from 7 people operating out of a modest Sydney office (a home, to be exact) to what it is now.  Google has been such a core part of my life, I can’t even see how my different my life would have been without it.  I’m sure plenty can relate to this statement.  However, for me, it’s not just the access to the world’s information.  Google has shaped my university life (when it was a B-grade search engine) to my first job in my career, to making my career and now my own business.  Not to mention that even after hours, I’m married to Google (well, virtually. LOL*)

At Efficient Media, we are always on the lookout to help small businesses find quick ways of doing things.  That’s our motto: Being efficient.  Since Google removed our visibility into the keywords that people use to find our brands and websites, it has left a lot of business wandering in the dark; unless, of course, you pay Google for advertising your business in which case, you suddenly get reports showing you the keywords driving traffic to your website!  But organically, more than 50% of your website traffic would (and frankly, should) come from organic (unpaid) listings on Google.  Without visibility into the types of keywords people are using to find your website, “MR Google, how do you expect us to optimise our content and website based on the keywords people are using?”  Well, the answer is not that simple.  And that’s why small businesses should leave it with the experts 😛

A few high level tips for small business:

  1. If you’re scared of competing with the BIG guys, here’s good news.  The great thing about being small is that you’re nimble and you’re fast.  There is no ‘layers’ of approvals that you need to go through before you can make a small change to your website.  So there.  TEST, TEST and don’t be afraid to try different things until you find something that works.  The catch here is that you need to give things some time before you may start to see results.  So, ask your agency or in-house expert for that advice on the minimum testing period. And PLEASE. Trust them.  Be patient and if after the testing period, things don’t work, you’re winning.  Because, compared to the corporate giant, they’re still running around for approval on that first change!
  2. Tag, tag, tag.  How do we predict the future?  Based on the past.  Based on historical data.  The only way to get this is to have all of your website tagging implemented correctly to ensure the data collection is accurate.   Data leakage is one key thing and your agency should be able to quickly identify if you are leaking data and fixing that problem.  Google Analytics is a free tool that even large corporates use.  It’s free and a must-have!
  3. Care about the ‘micro moments’ of your customers.  When we say ‘micro’ moments, we mean the customised experience you can now give to your individual customers/clients.  Mass marketing is so 1998.  With most people owning a handheld device (tablet, smartphone) or two, that’s how they engage with your brand.  Tell me, do you still use the white pages or back-of-the-newspaper to find information? Or do you use your mobile phone to find answers on the fly?  Even my 70 year old father knows to turn to Google to find where the closest shop is when he’s out and about, let alone those who have grown up with technology (who will eventually be your ONLY audience in 20 years’ time).   What are you doing on social media, video platforms, local listings, Google search to provide a customised experience for those ‘micro moments’ of your customers?  Micro moments ranging from dad looking for the hardware store on the road, to a lone traveller turning to his tablet at the airport waiting to board his flight and killing time with watching videos, to a mum who is researching at home for the best recipes for the school fair tomorrow. Where is YOUR BRAND in those micro moments?
  4. Get a good sense of the keywords that drive traffic to your website. So yes, as the title of this post suggest, it is indeed possible to get visibility into keywords that drive website traffic.   And the experts will know how to do it.  I’m not going to go into the depths of it here but at Efficient Media, we can get them for you with our tools of trade.  And that includes SEO keywords!  Ask us here.
  5. DON’T measure ‘HITS’.  Without offending anything, HITS has commonly been dubbed ‘How Idiots Measure Success’, unless of course, you sell advertising space on your website (that’s a separate story..but still, the engagement with your site’s page probably matters more than ‘hits’ in this instance).
  6. Analysis paralysis is a common disease. In the world of digital metrics, there are more metrics and terms used for measuring success. And to confuse you even more, there are synonymous terms which makes the types of metrics more confusing than walking down a cereal aisle. Don’t try to look at every metric.  Your agency should be able to decipher what metrics to use for you to measure success for YOUR business.  It’s your agency’s job.  Use them and TRUST them.
  7. Social presence.  Sounds like one of the easiest things to do but far too often, businesses tell me ‘they don’t have time yet’.   Nothing can be more important to having dialogue with your customers.  It shows that you care about them.  It allows you to learn more about your customers, how they view your brand, what they want from you and your services. It provides an engaging forum for you to communicate your brand’s proposition to them!.  We cannot stress enough about the importance of having presence in social forums.  And the most common mistake is, “Oh, you mean Facebook?” NO!  True, Facebook is highly accessible to everyone but it may not the platform that your customers/clients turn to for advice or research on your products/services.  When we say ‘social presence’, we mean being present in the ‘digital communities’ that are relevant to your business.  For example, a restaurant business will need to have presence in ‘Yelp’ as well as ‘Google’s Local Business listings’ as well as a Facebook Page/Place as well as Google+ Page for reviews…etc.  Relevance in social is key.

We could talk more and more about the elements that drive small business success.  At the end of the day, there are only 24 hours (get it?).  It’s about prioritising what is important and drive immediate results that add up for the small business owner.  And we’re here to help you!  For more information, call us on +612 8007 5774 or click here.