Lighten Up | Yoga & Life Coaching Workshop

LIGHTEN UP for Christmas Retreat

Co-hosted by Grace x Strength & She Seeks

20 amazing souls showed up to this God-breathed event. Some for themselves, some to show us support, some for Jesus.  Whatever the motivation behind, we hope that each and every one of our guest walked away with a “lightened up” sprit and renewed heart for the season and new year to come.

Tucked away in the lower north shore suburb of Artarmon, Yoga Pavilion, we felt, was the perfect spot for our mini-retreat.  We divided the group into two sessions and grouped them based on the level of yoga experience that we knew or felt they would prefer. We hoped that each individual walked away with their She Seeks coaching booklet ready to take the world with their 2018 goals and some soulful moments on their mat in their yoga session.

As with all our events, classes and retreats, it is with trust and faith that we believe the day’s events and the people are answered prayers. Prayers from the hosts that:

1.Our hearts are postured humbly to bring Him glory through our passion do what we do.

2. He calls those to show up to show up.

3. He uses our being, our lips, our bodies to be the vessels to bring His message to those who need to hear and to be the heart to those whom He wants to touch.

The event filled our hearts. We are so thankful for the honest feedback, positive and tips for improvement (where there will always be).

Our gratitude goes to our guests who so faithfully stayed with us and practiced “being present”.

We are so pleased to be able to offer 10% of our ticket sales to help Holy Yoga’s Breathe Love Give Campaign, to being trauma-sensitive yoga training to parts of the world that need it. May You All be blessed.

With love and light,

Alyssa, Josephine & Joanne xx


Keeping Warm with Chair Yoga | Wesley Mission

“If I’m still going to yoga classes at 81 years of age, know that it was you Heroes who inspired me.”

Our most dedicated students are not those who can do the headstands and splits. In fact, they’re the ones who show up with a smile every week, even if their arthritis is flaring up, even if it means catching the bus in in 5degrees cold and nursing a frozen shoulder, a bunked knee, a toe injury, a sore back… you name it, we’ve heard it from this community of elderly. 

Teaching yoga and bringing the Gospel to this community of seniors is not about how “good” you can be. It’s learning about grace and courage. To others and to yourself.

To us, this is the richest reward. This warms our heart, mind, soul and body.

Oh how much we love you brave souls and learn from you. 

And of course, thank you always, Wesley Mission for providing us this safe space to serve, to share our stories and to grow. 
Serving in His name ✝️


My Last Community Yoga Class of 2016

Due to my upcoming travel schedule and the upcoming festivities, I have decided to wrap up this my yoga teaching a little early this year. So for those enquiring about classes, stay tuned for next year’s schedule. I am opening up my private class enrolments for 2017 and the response has been great so please do email me early to let me know your interest for next year soon as I have limited spaces.

I’ll still be teaching a couple more classes at Wesley Mission but other than that, take my recommendations for Online Yoga videos for stretching and staying supple over the holiday season!

Lastly, to my Wednesday dedicated students, thank you for always showing up, being present, journeying with me this year and entrusting your body and soul to me. I look forward to working again with you next year!

Do You Take Rest Seriously? | Holy Yoga

“Today, I choose REST.”
The focus for my Holy Yoga class today was inspired by a blog post from Holy Yoga founder, Brooke Boon, earlier this year. 

“By the seventh day God had finished the work He had been doing; so on the seventh day He rested from all His work.” -Genesis 2:2-3 (NIV)

I never took rest seriously. In fact, I never realised how rest is a command and blessing, which is also a reflection of my faith in God. The fact that I am able to surrender it all to Him and trust in Him to take control over things, that I do not have to use my own ability to work every second of my life to make things work. Even our almighty God rested after He created the earth.

In class today, I spoke briefly about Jesus sleeping through the storm on the boat while his disciples worried. How can Jesus sleep through the storm and wind? Was it not faith and trust? Does it add single hour to our life if we do not rest? In fact, possibly the opposite. 

Do you take rest seriously? In this day and age, with technology signals ringing every minute and every where, it takes conscious effort to REST. 

Thank you to those who came to class today. You were all called to REST. My God bless you with stronger signals than the digital devices to call you when you need rest. May you all listen to Him and take time to REST… Because we know that in Him we trust.  

How to overcome challenges? Well, consider them ‘gifts’ and ‘joy’ | Holy Yoga Class

“Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.” James 1:2-3 (NIV)

The focus of my Holy Yoga class today was to embrace challenges in life as a ‘gift’ that builds us and develops us. When you stretch your muscles and work them hard, they tear. And it hurts both during the stretch and during the recovery. But they rebuild themselves; stronger, ready to carry more weight… This applies to our lives as well. Thank God for this gift and His design. 

IMG_7080 IMG_7079 20150814_KingPigeonNoah