Dry Body Brushing | Healthy Living Tips

I first heard about this when I was 18. ‘Dry body brushing not only helps blood circulation to help detox the body through your body’s biggest organ (your skin), there has been evidence to suggest that it helps reduce cellulite…’ I don’t remember exactly which magazine I read this from, but it was irrelevant. After some quick research on the Internet, I was convinced of all the benefits of it. I mean, it can’t do any harm to just brush your skin!

So, went to the nearest Priceline to get a pair of those synthetic exfoliating gloves and made sure I used it religiously before my shower every night. I persisted for about a month. Results? My skin was definitely glowing and felt silky smooth every day. However, the cellulite? Hmmm… Not sure I had much of an impact. On saying this, I’ve never had a visible cellulite issue. It’s more like I was paranoid that when I firmly squeezed my skin, I could see the unevenness.

When university assignments together with my part time job got in the way of sleep, naturally, you drop these beauty routines. And I never bothered again… Until recently….

While I’m keeping my vow from my last pregnancy to look after myself this time round, I’ve been moisturising religiously to prevent more skin damage. My dear friend, Hazel, who was the most glowing pregnant lady and new mum you will ever meet, reminded me about dry body brushing as one of the ways to reduce cellulite. It was a no-brainer to add this into my daily routine.

Firstly, after much research on the Internet and what Miranda Kerr would suggest, you need to find a brush with natural plant bristle. If you are new to this, start with a brush with fine and softer bristles. If you head to websites that specialise in selling dry body brushes, the description will usually say what level of firmness the bristles have. I personally recommend checking out Bodecare.com. Needless to say, that’s the site that Miranda Kerr recommends as well. However, I got mine from The Body Shop and love it. It has the right firmness and natural cactus bristles. I also find the long handle quite handy so I reach my back and legs easily, especially with my big belly.

There seems to be a few methods as to how to dry body brush. Personally, I start from the soles of the feet and work my way up the body, making sure I am using firm and rhythmic strokes towards my heart, from left to right. I count 10 strokes on each patch of skin I’m working on. I start on the left side of the body. So, left feet, left leg, right feet, right leg, stroking upwards. towards my groin. Then, left hand, left arm, right hand, right arm, stroking towards the heart. Lastly, I work through my abdomen ever so gently because my skin is very delicate with my big belly and finally, my back.

I also make sure I do this before my shower. Well, it’s called ‘dry’ brushing for a reason. So, what I did back in uni days (exfoliating in the shower with synthetic gloves) was never really ‘dry’ body brushing.

I’ve been doing this for a month now.
Absolutely amazing. My skin is silky all the time. Even without applying any moisturiser, the skin is supple and soft, as if the skin has learnt to produce the right amount of oil to keep itself hydrated. That said, I’ll make sure I lather on Kora Organic’s Enriched Body Lotion every second day, especially now that the weather is just dry.

Another highly recommended routine, especially for expectant mums!


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