Hello! My name is Josephine and most people call me ‘Jo’ or ‘Jo-Jo’ from my childhood days.  I’m the Founder of Grace x Strength, a mother of 2 boys married to my best friend and currently living in Sydney, Australia. I’m a Chronic Migraine sufferer-in-healing, eager to raise awareness of this poorly understood condition and severe impacts it has on many lives.

After 800+ hours of yoga training since 2015 and lots of teaching, Grace x Strength was founded in 2017 from a burning passion to help people experience yoga as a way to deliver strength, balance, healing and spiritual depth – a discerned calling from God.  I also serve as the Australian Regional Leader on the Global Leadership team of Holy Yoga, the yoga school that I trained with.

I started my career as a digital marketer and held leadership roles with a number of global technology and media businesses before entering into a different season of life with the birth of my children. The joys and challenges of adapting to motherhood and career ambitions fuelled my passion to empower women in business and wellness; hence, my transition into vocational yoga teaching.

I am motivated by seeing the healing and transformation journeys of lives who have been touched by the programs and content I offer, both digitally and through live experiences.

I find joy in sharing my experiences with fellow mums who share the struggles of balancing motherhood responsibilities with living out their calling, especially with those who suffer from chronic illness.

Honoured to be the first registered Christian Yoga Teacher on Yoga Australia, my work has been featured on Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Canberra Times, Brisbane Times, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)Salvation Army magazine (Warcry), Eternity NewsEzer MagazineModern Witnesses and 2CR Chinese Radio and Wesley Mission. Now, I frequently guest speak at various conferences.

In between my yoga teaching and entrepreneurial ventures, I’m your typical soccer mum running my boys to school activities or hanging out with my girlfriends!

Serving and breathing every moment in Him~

~ Founder of Grace x Strength
~ Registered Teacher at Yoga Australia
~ Yoga Therapist, Chair Yoga Teacher, Kids Yoga Teacher & Oceania Ambassador at Holy Yoga , 
~ Writer, Contributor to Authentic Magazine