Holy Yoga Feature | Salvation Army Magazine

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Read the write up from Salvation Army here!

After the SMH article, I have been cognisant or cautious of taking interviews; purely for the sake of avoiding persecution and conflict. So when Jessica Morris from Salvation Army’s Warcry magazine reached out to me about covering a story on Holy Yoga, I feared potential negative consequences. Then the voice of one of the Holy Yoga leaders came ringing through,

“I’m sorry [if it comes across harsh] but it’s not about YOU.”

This reminder keeps me going on days when I feel under attack and insecure, taking things on personally. It’s so true.

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I’m so thankful to this opportunity for the feature.  It really sets a different (and Christ-honouring) tone to what we do at Holy Yoga compared to previous media coverage.  Jessica did a wonderful job.  I’m thankful for her curiosity into Holy Yoga and the measures she took to ensure accuracy of the information.

Sharing Holy Yoga isn’t about me. It’s about spreading the love of God and sharing the Jesus experience with everyone – the way it facilitates my conversation with God and allowing me to find my sense of peace…..

Thankful for the opportunity from the Salvation Army for their feature and write up about Holy Yoga.  May you be blessed by this ministry if this crosses your path! 

Read the write up from Salvation Army here!