Just Breathing & Nothing More | Does God exist?


“JUST BREATHE, Jo.” That’s all I’ve managed and it’s OK..

I often get asked “how do you know there is God?”. My response, “Because I have encountered Him.” And often, many believers will speak of an encounter that brought them to faith. By all accounts, my academic background and my profession has been built on scientific grounds. So how does my profession marry up with my ‘non-scientific’ faith?

Science explains a lot but not everything.

In recent months, my health has deteriorated rapidly. We can use Western medical to attempt to explain it but even my neurologist cannot explain why migraine sufferers experience migraines and why they can deteriorate over time. Some may argue ‘not yet’, we cannot explain ‘yet’. But no one can explain why a health-conscious young lady can be plagued with such a debilitating disorder while others who may be far less health conscious dance around happily in their strong bodies. Sure, Science plays a role in generalising and healing. But nothing plays a greater role than God’s intended path for each individual and His ultimate power of healing. I’m not saying that God gave me a bad path but the anomalies in life tell me that knowledge and science does not explain everything. But faith does.

Faith is trusting in the unknown.

Faith allows room for mysteries and wonders of God and yet still yearns for more of Him.

Faith brings hope.

Faith brings joy.

Faith brings peace, even in the face of fear and suffering.

That’s when I know the Holy Spirit is gracing me. With His peace, knowing that “JUST BREATHING” is enough.

This has been my snippet in the past month, for those wondering why I haven’t been posting as much on social media.

I am just breathing and embracing the being. 

“Behold, I will cause breathe to enter you, that you may come to life.” ~ Ezekiel 37:5