Fruit Platter Recipe | Easy Dinner Party Dish

Fruit Platter for Dinne Parties

How to stand out with your ‘bring a dish’? Always choose the fruit platter. Not only is it very enjoyable to shop for the fruits and steal a few pieces when you’re making the platter, it’s always the one dish that almost everyone would pick from, I find.

How to stand out?

I like to throw in some exotic fruits like longan, lychee, jackfruit, starfruit, mangosteen, etc… Think tropical!

Apart from that, make sure there’s plenty of melons and berries. They’re always a winner.

I always make sure I line the salad with melons and pineapple, followed by pineapple, then kiwis and strawberries. Lastly, throw the blueberries and grapes on top and scrap on a 2-3 passion fruits. Always refrigerate for 2-3 hours before serving.

Today’s Epic Salad to share at dinner party.

P.S. The only downside is that it’s not necessarily the most cost-saving dish!