Jojoba Oil & Rosehip Oil | Pregnancy Tips

Recommended Jojoba Oil

I’ve gone through a whole tube of KORA’s Enriched Body Lotion and I still absolutely love it. Today, on my way to David Jones to replenish my supply, I stopped by Mr Vitamins ( I love this place for all their range of organic products, ranging from beauty & skin care products, to food, to cleaning products ).

There, I picked up a bottle of JoJoba Oil and a bottle of Rosehip Oil for a total of around $40.

Price-wise, it’s probably slightly cheaper than KORA but the difference is not huge. KORA’s Enriched Body Lotion RRP’s at $49.95 for the same volume. But I do think you need more lotion than oil for each application.

I’ve just taken a shower and applied a mixture of both oils to my growing belly, which has really started to stretch beyond my comfort levels.


After 5-10 minutes, after the oils have been absorbed into the body, my skin feels so much better. It’s like having coconut water to quench your thirst. My skin is supple and hydrated.

The only downside is the smell. Obviously, it doesn’t have the sandalwood and citrusy smell that the KORA lotion has. But this is 100% organic and raw. Can’t get any more organic!

For pregnant mummies out there, I recommend this as an alternative to, or to be used in rotation with, KORA Organic’s Enriched Body Lotion.