Couldn’t Have Done it Without You, 2016

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Couldn’t have done it without everyone’s support this year. So, thank you. 

Thank you to MY STUDENTS who always show up and entrust their bodies with me.
Thank you to MY INSTAGRAM COMMUNITY who is always encouraging and sending good vibes.
Thank you to MY FAMILY who have allowed me to pursue this tirelessly and trusted in my discernment.
Thank you to MY FRIENDS who have walked alongside this journey with me and lifted me up when I was down. 
Thank you to THOSE WHO HAVE ENQUIRED AND CONNECTED with me, Holy Yoga and classes. Follow your dreams and your calling, I say.

I started this year not knowing where this road would take me. From a small community class of friends at the local public school hall on Sundays…. then with the school hall shutting down and no place to teach, God provided a new place. A beautiful yoga studio which I could afford to grow my ministry in. God continue to provide and brought more students along. From one Sunday class, it became 4 weekly classes.

From little awareness of what Holy Yoga was here in Australia, we were featured in various publications such as the Sydney Morning Herald, the Age, the ABC and Salvation Army’s Warcry (Australia) magazine. 

From repeated prayers on being able to teach in my church community, God placed me in Wesley Mission’s School for Seniors. 

From various controversial conversations to being at total peace with what I am gifted to do. 

From not knowing where to go to not knowing where to go, my faith keeps me going. 

2017 is still unknown. I have no idea how this journey will look like again, although there will be a few exciting changes I’m sure of. Stay tuned and see you all next year!

With Love,
Josephine xx