How I Decided to Study Yoga Therapy | Christian Yoga Teacher Training

This concept of SHAPE was first introduced to me during our church life group when we were watching a series of YouTube sermons delivered Pastor Rick Warren in the U.S.  

SHAPE is one of the many personality tests used to help individuals understand where they are most suited to work in their careers or serve in ministry. 

Spiritual | Heart | Ability | Personality | Experience 

If you are interested in doing the test, I found this one online by Church of the Palms as the best resource.

Most recently, as part of my Holy Yoga ministry development, I have been praying about whether I should take up the Yoga Therapy Program to further my knowledge in that specific area. I had prayed about it, for God to guide me through with the decision. 

And God showed me the answer firstly through my test results. Below are my greatest strengths:

  1. MERCY – (Romans 12:6, 8) – Persons with this gift aid the body by empathising with hurting members. They keep the body healthy and unified by keeping others aware of the needs within the church. This gift is seen in Christians that are drawn to minister to the needs of those in hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, etc. They are able to connect at a deep level with those who are grieving and walk with them through difficult seasons of life. Key words – care, empathise.

  2. TEACHING – (Romans 12:6-7) – This gift is given to serve and strengthen the body of Christ by teaching sound doctrine in relevant ways and empowering people to gain a sound and mature spiritual education. It is their passion to make Biblical concepts clear and understandable and they seek opportunities to help others grasp Biblical truth. Key words – teach, train.

  3. EXHORTATION – (Romans 12:6, 8) – Possessors of this gift help others live God-centred lives through inspiration, encouragement, counselling, and empowerment. This gift is also known as “encouragement”. Individuals with this gift are able to help Believers trust in the sovereignty of God in difficult times. They see the circumstances of life from a spiritual rather than a physical perspective. They look to the eternal rather than the temporal. Key words – encourage, inspire.

see God giving me the thumbs up for signing up to the therapy course but I also know that God likes to speak to me through my husband. So, I always turn to him for approval, for confirmation

The morning following my SHAPE personality test findings, I ask my husband for the very first time about his thoughts on me doing this course.  His response, “Do it, baby. Don’t worry about the money (meaning course fees), God will provide. Just do it.” 

Indeed. God always provides for He is faithful. We only need to trust.

And so, friends, I have enrolled myself into another year of study graduating on my birthday next year!