Top 10 Best Yoga Mats

Currently, I really enjoy my Jade Yoga Mat.  For the first few years of my practice, I was very attached to the Stella McCartney sports mat that my husband bought for me as a Christmas gift.  It was a pale pink mat with a great grip and 7mm padding.  If you haven’t figured, I love pink and to-date, I still haven’t found a colour that matches my love of that same hue.  However, as the mat aged with my practice, so did the grip.   The time came for me to invest in a new mat.


I needed something that would withstand the hot vinyasa/power sweat and something that didn’t weigh a ton.   My favourite yoga studio, Yoga Hotspot, was selling the Jade Harmony mats at a very decent price.  So, the decision came down to what colour to choose.  So here I am, raving on about my Olive Green Jade Harmony Mat.  The grip is fantastic.  Sure when I’m sweating a bottle of water down my arms, my hands do slide that tad bit in my downward dogs, but given the balance of weight, grip and natural goodness, this ticks most of my boxes.

I have tried the LuluLemon and the Manduka PRO yoga mats.  They are pretty awesome if you have a permanent home for them or run a full-serviced studio with fixed mat spaces, because they are pretty heavy and not what I would like to carry/travel around with.  However, their grip is very good.

As for the best travel mat, I still love Jade Yoga’s options. I literally am able to fold their Travel Mat (Voyager mat) into smaller than a beach towel and bring it everywhere I go, not to mention it weighs about 0.7kg or 1.5 pounds only! It’s a yoga teacher/travel yogi’s best friend.

Now, if you’re after more information about yoga mat comparisons, here’s is a more all-rounded review and research carried out by, with over 50 hours research and over 100 yoga professionals surveyed. Check it out here.