Lectio Divina | A Christian Meditation Practice

What is Lectio Divina?
Lectio Divina is a discipline of Bible meditation where we are in silence, repeating a verse, musing over the words and listening for God’s voice. Lectio is a reflective method of prayer where we can experience God in scripture as our hearts learn to dialogue with Christ; an intentional way for us to interact with the Living God as we hear the Word, wait upon God, reflect upon what we’ve heard, respond to the Holy Spirit and rest in God’s presence.^

How to Lectio Divina^?

When I explain this practice, I group them into 5 parts.

Part 1 : Quieting Your Heart - In preparation for Lectio Divina Silencio

Come into God’s presence, slow down, relax, sit comfortably - intentionally release the chaos and noise in your mind to God.

Part 2 : Listening - 1st Reading Lectio

  • Become aware of any word or phrase that catches your attention - a word or phrase.

  • Be silent. What do you hear?

Part 3 : Reflecting - 2nd Reading Meditatio

  • Take notice of any reflection or thought that has surfaced in your heart as you listened - a reflection or thought.

  • Be silent. What are you experiencing?

Part 4 : Resting - 3rd Reading Contemplatio

  • Sit with Jesus and allow Him to speak to you in the silence of your heart.

  • Be silent. Listen for Jesus’ prayer in you.

Part 5 : Reflections - Post-Lectio

  • What does this passage say to my head?

  • How does it change my thinking of who God is?

  • What does this passage say to my heart?

  • How does it lead me to love the Lord?

  • What does this passage say to my body?

  • How does it lead me to live out the call on my life?

^Reference: Holy Yoga 225-Teacher Training Study Materials

As a mother of young children, I’ve learned that the Lectio Divina practice doesn’t come easily. I might go so far to call it a luxury… but where there is an opportunity to get into this Christian Meditative practice, I highly recommend it.

Bible Journalling

As I am writing this blog, my baby has been running a fever in the past 20 hours, I’m sleep deprived and he’s highly irritable. He is testing my patience today. Needless to say, all the plans for my day were also thrown out the window. To say I can practise Lectio Divina in a setting like today would be a lie.

However, I love how a healthy habit of daily devotionals has helped me on days where I struggled with time the most. Today, I found a creative version of Lectio Divina together with my baby. This verse from 1 Corinthians 13 is exactly what I needed. To hear Him speak to me about motherly love. How true maternal love transcends just “responsibility” and seeks patience. How I thoroughly enjoyed repeating the verse in silence while my baby entertained himself together with me with some Bible journalling and healing art.

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