Grace x Strength Yoga Classes

Photo 9-5-17, 4 20 46 pm— What is Grace x Strength? —

Grace x Strength offers a safe space for people to come into community to experience grace and strength through Christ-centred yoga and soul care programs.  It was founded in 2017 – 2 years after God had placed it on my heart to make yoga teaching a path to help others experience spiritual growth rooted in Gospel truth.  Alyssa, my co-founder and soul-sister, and I had both been praying individually for this opportunity.   We believe that our intersecting paths is providence.  After much prayer and many vision castings together, Grace x Strength was born organically.

Grace x Strength is not just a brand to us.  It’s a journey – a discerned calling.  It will be ever-evolving and an open invitation to YOU.   Be a part of our community and help us grow and serve our community authentically by joining our yoga classes online, retreats, workshops, events and journeying with us on social media.   Learn more about our classes & programs here.

— So, what is this Christian Yoga thing? —

Well, for many Christians, yoga is a no-go zone because of its common misconception that yoga is a religion.  Yoga is NOT a religion.  It is an ancient practice that started more than 5000 years ago with a rich and complex history from the Indus Valley.  The practice compromises mainly of breath work, meditation and physical movement.  Yoga has traditionally been passed on from teacher to student and today, today, there are many different lineages.   A lot of people associate it with Eastern religious practices but in its most neutral form, yoga does not have to associate with any religion.  It is, however, a deeply spiritual practice where the message of the Gospel can be introduced and a space where the Holy Spirit can work in the hearts of those who seek Him.

In today’s modern western culture, yoga is known to offer many medically-proven benefits for the mind and body, and as a great fitness initiative.  For many people yoga is nothing spiritual but a healthy regime that combines some elements of mindfulness.  I personally believe this to be effective, too.

At Grace x Strength, we believe in the mission field that God has called us to: to create a safe space and invite people into community and experience grace and strength through Christ-centred yoga and soul care programs.

You can read more about Christian Yoga in an excellent piece that was written by our Co-Founder of GxS, Alyssa Mak here.


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