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11232357_10152812251501035_4869869374058477446_n— What is Grace x Strength? —

Grace x Strength offers a safe space for people to come into community to experience grace and strength through Christ-centred yoga and soul care programs.  It was founded in 2017 – 2 years after God has placed it on my heart to make yoga teaching a path to help others experience spiritual growth rooted in Gospel truth.  Alyssa, my co-founder and soul-sister, and I had both been praying individually for this opportunity.   We believe that our intersecting paths is providence.  After much prayer and many vision castings together, Grace x Strength was born organically.

Grace x Strength is not just a brand to us.  It’s a journey – a discerned calling.  It will be ever-evolving and an open invitation to YOU.   Be a part of our community and help us grow and serve our community authentically by joining our yoga classes, retreats, workshops, events and journeying with us on social media.

— What are Grace x Strength yoga classes like? —

We have TWO core yoga programs:


These classes are Vinyasa style which syncs movement with breath.  We like to think that they are a beautiful expression of the body’s movement, much like dancing.  Often accompanied by soft contemporary Christian worshop music, classes start off with breathwork/meditation/prayer with themes drawn from Scripture before entering into the physical movement and closes in meditation/prayer.

Grace flow classes are suitable for all levels but can vary in intensity and experience. We encourage you to consult us or choose the class level that suits your experience and comfort level.

These classes are focussed on individual pose breakdowns and are slower paced.  Poses are broken down for more precision and to offer the benefits of stretching and strengthening of targeted muscle groups.  Often accompanied with Scriptural themes and parallels, classes start of with breath work/meditation/prayer and enter into postural breakdown, sometimes with flow and sequencing.  Classes close in meditation/prayer.

Strength Builders are great for beginners to learn the foundations of yoga poses and adopt good physical alignment before progressing into Grace Flow classes.  These classes are also great for slowing down, relaxing and restoration.  When paired with Scriptural meditation, it offers a great opportunity for healing.

Strength Builders are also suitable for intermediate and experienced yogis who are keen to take it up the next level with more advanced poses.

— So, what is this Christian Yoga thing? —

Well, for many Christians, yoga is a no-go zone because of its common misconception that yoga is a religion.  Yoga is NOT a religion.  It is a spiritual practice which has been adopted by various religions, more so widely by the Hindus, but also the Buddhists, Taoists and even Muslims – much like fasting or prayer are.  It is more a discipline, which offers multiple benefits spiritually but also physically, mentally and emotionally.

In this modern day, especially in Western-influenced cultures, yoga’s benefits are heavily researched and widely acknowledged by the medical world.  Grace x Strength believes that our sovereign God has given us permission to redeem and use this practice to offer the many benefits of yoga and experience the truth of the Gospel to everyone, including the Christian community.

You can read more about Christian Yoga in an excellent piece that was written by our Co-Founder of GxS, Alyssa Mak here.


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